A Guide To E & E Lab Coats

E&E Lab Coats is Work in Styles’ very own brand of high-quality lab coats for use in science and medicine. Beginning as Ashton Overalls, which was established in the early 60s in the small Derbyshire town of New Mills, in 1969 they became Eaton & Entwistle and because of demand on the business opened the second factory in Marple, manufacturing khaki coats & overalls under contract for the MOD & PO. In 1972 the factory in New Mills was closed down and the Marple site expanded. At this point, the company was renamed E&E Workwear Limited, and their association with lab coats came soon after with the commission of the original “Howie lab coat”.

E&E Lab Coats at Work In Style

Work in style purchased E&E in March 2019 and have continued to produce their main styles to the same specification using the same patterns and sewing methods that have been used since the late 70s.

The quality, style & fit have been a lasting favourite for Lab-based personnel and medical students for decades, so it was decided to continue with the exact same specification, why fix what isn’t broken? Now that you know the E&E brand, we would like to introduce you to its best-selling products.

The E&E Howie Lab Coat

The Howie lab coat is designed with safety in mind and is called such after a 1978 report commissioned by the UK department of Health and Social Security to codify standard clinical laboratory practices, chaired by J. W. Howie. Among the codified standards was protective clothing, with the type of wrap-around full coverage lab coat that had been in use in the UK for over a hundred years being nicknamed the "Howie-Style" coat to indicate its compliance with the provisions of this report.

Howie Lab Coat Sky Howie Lab Coat - Silver

It has buttons on the left flank, elasticated wrists, and a mandarin collar, and is quite similar to a chef's uniform. It is designed to minimize pathogen contact with street clothes.


Howie Lab CoatHowie Lab Coat Colours


Since adopting the Howie labcoat, Work in Style has expanded the range of colours available. We now stock 9 unique colours, which are great for distinguishing departments and job positions within your business, or just to add a little flair and style to your daily lab look. The coats are also available in a wide range of size, from 30”-54” chest

The Howie Lab Coat features:

  • One Jetted breast pocket
  • Two jetted hip pockets
  • Offset Nine stud fastening with broad underlay to avoid gaping
  • Knitted cuffs
  • Back darts
  • Poly/Cotton blend
  • 3 coat lengths

We also offer the Howie Science Lab Coat, boasting all the same great features as the regular Howie coat but without the jetted pockets. This style comes in white and is available in the same great range of sizes.

The Lab Coats

We offer a variety of lab coats for women, including our standard lab coat, our long-sleeved lab coat, and our short-sleeved lab coat. However, our standard lab coats can be ordered as men’s and ladies styles, available in crisp white in a wide range of sizes, these are a great basic lab coat to kit out a big team. With chest and waist pockets, concealed stud fastening, and a 42” length.

E&E Mens Lab Coat E&E Ladies Lab Coat

Men's Lab Coat

Women's Lab Coat


The Flame Retardant Lab Coat

Our Flame Retardant Lab Coat is made from Probanised cotton and is a must for anyone working with any flammable materials, especially work with pyrophoric, spontaneously combustible, or extremely flammable chemicals, as this presents a high potential for fire and burn risks. Use of a fire-retardant lab coat is required when handling pyrophoric chemicals outside of a glove box.

Our FR Lab coats come in White, 42” length, and sizes XS-2XL.