E & E Lab Coats

Work in Style are the owners of E&E Work wear, the leading manufacturer of lab coats for the UK

We make a range of Lab coats suitable for a multitude of laboratory and pharmacy roles. E & E lab coats are perfect for researchers, pharmacists, lab workers and more.

Our lab coat range includes the famous Howie lab coat, flame retardant lab coat and men's and women's lab coats.

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  1. Women's Lab Coat - EEWMC
    Women's Lab Coat - EEWMC
    £17.39 £14.49
  2. Men's Lab Coat - EEUNC
    Men's Lab Coat - EEUNC
    £18.99 £15.82
  3. Howie Science Coat - EEHSC
    Howie Science Coat - EEHSC
    £20.89 £17.41
  4. Howie Lab Coat - EEHWC
    Howie Lab Coat - EEHWC
    £21.69 £18.07

5 Items

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