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Work in Style has the UK's leading collection of Healthcare and Workwear uniforms and clothing, from leading brands and our own premium range of uniforms.

We offer the largest collection of scrubs from brands such as Cherokee, Barco, Skechers and of course our own Work In Style Key Scrubs, along with nurse's tunics, dresses, lab coats, work trousers and more.

Our entire range is available with next-day delivery and can be embroidered with no minimum quantities

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  1. ORN Fireback EarthPro Jacket
    ORN Fireback EarthPro Jacket
    £95.64 £79.70
  2. ORN Falcon EarthPro Fleece
    ORN Falcon EarthPro Fleece
    £30.84 £25.70
  3. Uneek Workwear Polo Shirt
    Uneek Workwear Polo Shirt
    £9.24 £7.70
  4. Portwest Knee Pads
    Portwest Knee Pads
    £8.52 £7.10
  5. Portwest Latex Grip Glove
    Portwest Latex Grip Glove
    £1.68 £1.40
  6. Portwest FFP3 Mask (20 pack)
    Portwest FFP3 Mask (20 pack)
    £24.72 £20.60
  7. Portwest Ear Protectors
    Portwest Ear Protectors
    £6.24 £5.20
  8. Portwest Safety Goggles
    Portwest Safety Goggles
    £2.16 £1.80
  9. Portwest DermiFlex Glove
    Portwest DermiFlex Glove
    £2.95 £2.46
  10. Portwest beanie Hat
    Portwest beanie Hat
    £5.16 £4.30
  11. Expertbase Safety Helmet
    Expertbase Safety Helmet
    £8.16 £6.80
  12. Portwest Softshell Jacket
    Portwest Softshell Jacket
    £68.69 £57.24
  13. Portwest Coverall
    Portwest Coverall
    £24.79 £20.66

Items 1-24 of 131

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Set Descending Direction