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  1. Grey's Anatomy Evolve

    Grey's Anatomy Evolve

    When it comes to the medical professions, doctors and nurses are admired for their expertise and dedication, but it’s not just their skills that capture our attention; they often make a fashion statement with their scrubs, and one brand that stands out is Grey's Anatomy Evolve. These scrubs are new on the market but are quickly becoming synonymous with style, comfort, and durability. Let’s explore why Grey's Anatomy Evolve Scrubs are gaining immense popularity among healthcare professionals and why you should consider them as your next set of scrubs.
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  2. Workwear at Work in Style

    Workwear at Work in Style

    Are you looking for a Workwear supplier? We’re talking Hi Vis jackets, Cargo trousers, Protective gloves, Goggles, Hats, Polo shirts, and the rest… Work in Style have got you covered. We are now stocking a great range of Workwear clothing from Portwest, Uneek and Benchmark Trousers, Some of the biggest players in the Workwear Industry
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  3. Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

    Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

    Back in 2006 Barco Uniforms collaborated with ABC to produce medical scrubs inspired by the popular Grey’s Anatomy TV show, and from this collaboration came what are now some of the most popular Scrubs/Workwear worn by Healthcare Professional across the globe. With Tailored flattering fits, premium fabrics and finer designer details, there’s many reasons why Grey’s Anatomy by Barco is a uniform favourite throughout the healthcare profession
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  4. Ultimate Guide to buying Scrubs

    Ultimate Guide to buying Scrubs

    Whether you are new to buying Scrubs or you just need a refresh on what is available for yourself and your team, you may need some guidance on what is best for you, and what is available on the market. Here at Work in Style, we have put together this Ultimate Scrubs Buying Guide. Taking you through all of your options, be that Style, Brand or material, we are here to help you make the best and most informed decision on your new Scrubs.
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  5. Dickies Balance

    Dickies Balance

    The Balance collection from Dickies is a go-to collection that ticks all the boxes. Dickies are, once again, delivering on trend details, a comfortable and flattering fit and in demand fabric and performance features. Male and Female styles are available in a variety of your favourite Scrub colours
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  6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Scrubs for Healthcare Professionals

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Scrubs for Healthcare Professionals

    Did you know that 91% of plastic end up in our Oceans? Scientists estimate that by 2050 the volume of plastic in the ocean will be more than the volume of fish, they also estimate that almost 100% of seabirds will have ingested plastic by this time.
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  7. 5 Reasons to Shop at Work in Style

    5 Reasons to Shop at Work in Style

    How hard can purchasing a medical uniform be? The decision can be unnerving, considering the purpose of the uniform is to provide you with a professional identity, boosting confidence while giving you protection from contaminants. Choosing the right gear is imperative for all healthcare workers. That is why here at Work in Style, we are committed to providing you with the best medical gear by offering you a platform to purchase them from the best manufacturers.

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  8. Dickies Scrub Set

    Dickies Scrub Set

    We wanted to formally introduce you to our Dickies Scrub Sets, an affordable, high-quality scrub set suitable for all! Our only Scrub which is sold as a full set, helping us to give you even better value for money. The Dickies Essentials Scrub set offers the comfort and durability you have come to expect form well known workwear brand Dickies, only at a more affordable price
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  9. Footwear Sorted

    Footwear Sorted

    Work in Style are proud to stock a great range of workwear Footwear, perfect for all manners of professionals. Here, we will talk you through the types of shoes we have on offer from great brands such as Skechers and Crocs.
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  10. The Barco Story

    The Barco Story

    When it's Made by Barco, it's Made to Matter Barco have been making High quality apparel for the healthcare industry for over 90 years, they are pioneers in their field and during their 90+ years have changed the standard of Scrubs and workwear throughout the Industry. Barco scrubs are made for healthcare professionals, to ensure you look, feel and perform your best, because Barco truly believe that "Caring is Everything!" The Barco brand are proud producers of many workwear ranges, and this includes both Barco One and Skechers Scrubs - recycled scrubs stocked here at Work in Style
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