Laboratory Uniforms

Available in chest sizes up to 54", our laboratory uniform range includes the finest lab coats from E & E. Work In Style are the only place to find E & E lab coats which include flame-retardant lab coats, Howie lab coats and our men's and women's coats.

The lab coats are in stock, can be embroidered in-house and use the finest materials to ensure safety in the laboratory.

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  1. Howie Lab Coat - EEHWC
    Howie Lab Coat - EEHWC
    £21.68 £18.07
  2. Women's Lab Coat - EEWMC
    Women's Lab Coat - EEWMC
    £17.33 £14.44
  3. Men's Lab Coat - EEUNC
    Men's Lab Coat - EEUNC
    £18.97 £15.81
  4. Howie Science Coat - EEHSC
    Howie Science Coat - EEHSC
    £20.89 £17.41

5 Items

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