Embroidery Positions

Embroidery Available

Embroidery Positions

Add your logo or name to your uniform in a variation of positions.

Please choose your preferred location from the options below, and include the positioning code on the embroidery form.

* Please note that all positions are determined from your point of view (As you are wearing it looking down)

For more information on embroidery, visit the embroidered uniforms & workwear page.

Embroidery on uniforms, chest, right hand side
Chest Right Hand Side (RHS)
Embroidery on uniforms, chest, left hand side
Chest Left Hand Side (LHS)
Embroidery on uniforms, chest, centre
Chest Centre (CCEN)
Embroidery on uniforms, back, centre
Back Centre (BCEN)
Embroidery on uniforms, right arm
Right Arm (RARM)
Embroidery on uniforms, left arm
Left Arm (LARM)

Personalise Your Workwear

Had embroidery with us before?

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