The Barco Story

When it's Made by Barco, it's Made to Matter

Barco have been making High quality apparel for the healthcare industry for over 90 years, they are pioneers in their field and during their 90+ years have changed the standard of Scrubs and workwear throughout the Industry.

In 1936 Kenneth Donner took the Reins on the Barco brand and brought with him a fashion-forward approach which saw innovative designs and new fabrics brought to the table to create a fashionable Medical uniform, his ‘110 Dress’ gained national attention and appeared in fashion publications across America, and for the first time in History Medical uniforms were seen as desirable attire for the modern healthcare professional.

This design philosophy cantered on fashionable and innovative uniforms is still seen today in the Barco brand, which makes them a highly respected and sought after brand in the Healthcare apparel industry

Barco scrubs are made for healthcare professionals, to ensure you look, feel and perform your best, because Barco truly believe that "Caring is everything!" The Barco brand are proud producers of many workwear ranges, and this includes both Barco One and Skechers Scrubs - recycled scrubs stocked here at Work in Style

Barco are committed to caring for others, and that includes caring for our Planet! Barco have created fabrics which are made with 43% recycled plastic bottles without compromising on the high quality you would expect from this brand. These recycled materials are used in both the Barco One and Skechers ranges - both stocked by Work in Style. Barco have recycled over 40 million plastic bottles since 2016, and this is just the start of their Eco journey.

Take a look at the diagram below to see how their recycled RPet fabrics are made using recycled plastic bottles;

Barco garments are created, cut and sewn in L.A and are tested by real healthcare professionals before going in to production. This attention to details ensures that the final products produced by Barco are those of the highest quality possible

Barco have been pioneers in the industry since the inception, and were the first company to offer pant suits as an alternative to Nurse's dresses, they are the inventors of the modern scrub set! 


Barco's commitment to care doesn't stop at High quality, recycled scrubs - in 2008 Michael Donner (Barco's Chairman of the board) and his wife Frida founded the Barco's Nightingales Foundation - in his Father's memory the foundation provides services to children around the world Building 7 Solar water wells to supply safe drinking water, and supplying over 5 million meals to villages in Haiti are just some of the many projects that the foundation has initiated

Barco also donated over 35,000 scrubs to essential workers throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, as well as 350,000 face coverings to California hospitals.

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