Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Scrubs for Healthcare Professionals


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Scrubs for Healthcare Professionals


Did you know that 91% of plastic end up in our Oceans? Scientists estimate that by 2050 the volume of plastic in the ocean will be more than the volume of fish, they also estimate that almost 100% of seabirds will have ingested plastic by this time. And this is just drop in the Ocean of the environmental impact that plastic is having on our planet and eco-systems. It’s no secret that something needs to be done, by our Governments, by big Corporations and by us.


At Work In Style we are constantly striving to improve our eco-footprint, scrubs are at the heart of what we do so recycled scrubs is something we are really passionate about – This is why we chose to stock Skechers Scrubs & Barco One Scrubs. Both Scrub brands are made by globally recognised scrub manufacturers Barco, who are providing stylish, sporty and comfortable Recycled scrubs.


Barco One and Skechers scrubs are made using Recycled plastic bottles, stopping them from going to landfill and ending up in our Ocean's! The fabric, which contains recycled plastic, is called rPet fabric, rPet fabric is made by turning plastic bottles into plastic chips, this is then turned to fibres, into yarn, and lastly, into the fabric many of us are wearing today. Barco One Scrubs use 5 recycled plastic bottles in every garment! 1 scrub set will save 10 plastic bottles from landfill Skechers Scrubs have gone a couple of steps further and use 7 recycled plastic bottles in every garment, that's 14 in a Scrub set!




Using Recycled plastics to make the fabrics does not equal a compromise in quality, Barco are one of the leaders of Premium healthcare apparel in the Industry and the fabric boasts a great line-up of features including Moisture wicking, 4 way Stretch, Thermo-regulation technology & Quick shed technology. Skechers are in on the Fabric technology action too with their Scrubs featuring Moisture wicking and Soil release technology.


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