New Cherokee ranges are here!

New Cherokee is here!


Cherokee are one of the world’s largest producers of Medical Scrubs, we have collaborated with them for 16 years and our Cherokee Originals have been our bestselling Scrubs for years! Our customers clearly love the Cherokee brand; the quality, style and fit. That’s why we are now introducing Four new ranges to our Cherokee collection, along with some new additions to our ever popular Cherokee Originals range! We will be introducing these new ranges over the coming months, we’ll be updating our social media and blog with all the info you could need on these new ranges so make sure you are following us on social media;





All of the new Cherokee ranges are coming from our Supplier Warehouse in Holland, because they are just over the pond we can guarantee that the goods will be with you within 4 weeks (probably sooner!)

We might have some stock available from time to time, and this will all be reflected on the product pages and in the cart

Look out for the XTRA symbol on our products, if you see this you know you can simply place an order for ANY colour and size to be shipped to you within 4 weeks



If you want to make a large order with us you can email us at


A short introduction to each range is below, keep your eyes peeled for more info on each range…


Infinity is an Innovative Scrub range from Cherokee, combining Certainty technology with all of your favourite styles and fabric features, like 4 way stretch and Moisture wicking;

  • 2625A Mock Wrap Top
  • 2624A Round Neck Top
  • 1123A Drawstring Trouser
  • 1124A Slim Pull-on Trouser
  • 900A V Neck Top
  • 200A Men’s Fly Front Cargo Trouser



The Revolution collection combines a professional look with high performance features leaving you looking and feeling great;

  • 601 V Neck Top
  • 698 Snap Front Polo Shirt
  • 011 Natural Rise Jogger
  • 615 Polo Shirt
  • 603 V Neck Top
  • 012 Men’s Jogger
  • 620 V Neck Top
  • 610 Mock Wrap Top
  • 688 Maternity Mock Wrap Top
  • 155 Maternity Pull on Trouser
  • 105 Mid-rise Drawstring Pull on Trouser
  • 110 Mid-rise Pull on Cargo Trouser
  • 670 V Neck Top
  • 140 Fly Front Cargo Trouser


Revolution Tech are Cherokee’s most popular line, enhanced with spill and stain resistant ‘Certainty technologies’;

  • 770AB V Neck Scrub Top
  • 775AB Mock Wrap Top
  • 235AB Mid-rise Drawstring Trouser
  • 507AB Scrub Hat


The Core Stretch range uses sportswear inspired fabrics for a flattering and comfortable fit. We have stocked some Core stretch items before, which our customers loved and asked for more, and we are happy to update the collection for you;

  • 4727 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 4728 Mock Wrap Top
  • 4710 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 4203 Mid-rise Drawstring Trouser
  • 4005 Mid-rise Pull-on Cargo Trouser
  • 4725 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 4043 Drawstring Cargo Trouser
  • 4743 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 4243 Men’s Fly Front Cargo Trouser


The original Scrubs are strong, stylish and as dependable as you are. We have stocked the Originals for 16 years but are introducing a few new exciting lines to the range;

  • 4700 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 42770 Snap Front V Neck Top
  • 4801 Mock Wrap Tunic
  • 4200 Natural Rise Pull-on Cargo Pants
  • 4876 V Neck Scrub Top
  • 4777 V Neck Tunic
  • 4100 Drawstring Cargo Trouser
  • 530C Top & Trouser Set