A Look At Skechers Scrubs

At Work In Style we are constantly striving to improve our eco-footprint, scrubs are at the heart of what we do so recycled scrubs is something we are really passionate about – This is why we chose to stock Skechers Scrubs. Skechers may be known globally for their footwear but they have now expanded into the world of scrubs with the help of globally recognised scrub manufacturers Barco. Skechers are providing stylish, sporty and comfortable scrubs which are made with recycled fabrics and have an array of great features. Here, we will expand on all of the main features of the range and show you why recycled scrubs are the future!

Skechers Recycled Scrubs

All Skechers scrubs are made using materials made with recycled plastic bottles, preventing these bottles from going to landfill and ending up in our oceans. The fabric which contains recycled plastic is called rPet fabric, rPet fabric is made by turning plastic bottles into plastic chips, this is then turned to fibres, into yarn, and lastly, into the fabric many of us are wearing today.

Skechers Scrubs SK0112  Skechers Structured Scrub Pants

The Skechers Structured Crossover SK0112 Scrubs

The Skechers Structured Scrub SK0215 Pants

Each Skechers garment has 7 recycled plastic bottles used in its manufacturing, so just 1 scrub set from Skechers saves 14 plastic bottles from Landfill!

How Recycled Scrubs and Clothing Can Help Our Environment

Scientists estimate that by 2050 the volume of plastic in the ocean will be more than the volume of fish, they also estimate that almost 100% of seabirds will have ingested plastic by this time. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to stop this from happening and Barco and Skechers have together recycled over 17 million plastic water bottles since 2006 in the manufacturing of their scrubs.

Work in Style is working hard to lessen our impact on our planet and our oceans, and stocking Skechers and Barco recycled scrubs is just the start. We hope that we can help you with your eco journey by supplying these eco-friendly alternatives to you.

Key features of Skechers Scrubs

4-way stretch fabrics

To understand the 4-way stretch feature of the Skechers fabric, it is important to point out that there are 1 way, 2 way and 4-way stretch fabrics on the market.

  • 1-way stretch fabric will stretch from side to side, however, it will not recover.
  • 2-way stretch will stretch from side to side and will recover.
  • 4-way stretch fabrics will stretch both width and lengthways and will recover.

Wearing a 4-way stretch fabric, you will notice the difference in comfort and freedom of movement, which is why it is frequently used in activewear as it gives the wearer the freedom to make small and large movements without any negative impact on the fabric, making it great for the medical profession as it is durable for long and hectic shifts.

Skechers Vitality Scrub Top Skechers Vitality Scrub Pants

Skechers Vitality Scrub Top SK101

Skechers Vitality Scrub Pants SK202

Soil Release Technology

Soil release is a finished fabric which helps to prevent liquids and powders from absorbing into the fabric. The tension on the surface of the fabric is increased so that liquids and powders will sit on the surface of the garment, rather than sinking into the fibres. This can be particularly helpful in the Healthcare fields where spillages and stains are commonplace. Soil release technology also makes the cleaning of scrubs much easier at lower washing temperatures and increases the overall life span of your scrubs – just another Eco-friendly feature of these modern scrubs.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

The basic definition of ‘wicking’ is ‘acting to absorb or draw off liquid by capillary action’ which will give you a pretty good idea of what moisture-wicking achieves. Let’s look at this a little deeper.

Moisture-wicking works by quickly moving sweat to the outer surface of the fabric, this will quickly evaporate and dry off so that the fabric does not become saturated. The capillary action taking place is the movement of the liquid through the minute spaces in the fabric to reach the outer layer, where it can be evaporated.

The best fabrics for moisture-wicking technologies are Polyester and Nylon. Moisture-wicking is also a fantastic tool in regulating body temperature, cooling you down when you are too hot, and warming you up when you are too cold.

Cotton would be considered a ‘non-wicking’ fabric and cannot have moisture-wicking technologies applied to it so for maximum breathability and comfort, synthetic fabrics are ideal.

Other benefits found in Skechers Scrubs

  • Media loops
  • Side and vent detailing
  • Pockets
  • 60-degree wash
  • Sporty design
  • 12 Unique colours
  • Sizes XXS-5XL

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